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Selling your home? We have been there time and time again. Not only have we sold dozens of homes for clients, we have also sold dozens of our own homes. We can help you learn what options there are as well as possible outcomes. Our selling services include property evaluation, market updates, negotiations, and handling the contract to closing process. We stay on top of every detail and deadline from start to finish.

As a boutique brokerage, we are not churning out hundreds of listings at a time. We have more time to commit to selling your home. We keep constant communication while we maintain our focus on the sale of your home.

We have resources for any maintenance or staging during the listing process. We understand that every seller has different priorities. We know that while some sellers are time sensitive, others are willing to be more patient to achieve the highest price possible. We consider it our obligation to help you to thoroughly and objectively evaluate your home’s condition and features to properly assess how it competes in the current market. We can help you come up with the right strategy to accomplish your goals.

We are here to provide you the highest standard of service. We are dedicated to being responsible and maintaining a prominent level of integrity throughout the entire selling process. We are upfront and will not offer false promises to obtain a listing. We will layout a range of possible scenarios and suggest actions that can help with selling your home.

Our selling guide has a lot of valuable information and details to consider. We are  happy to sit down and go through our guide during a consultation to layout expectations. We are confident you will feel comfortable with the selling process after meeting with us.